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          • EKDR-BAS

          • LDO10t (domestic components)

          • LH10t European double girder bridge crane

          • LDA10t electric single girder crane

          • QD150t electric double girder bridge crane

          • MG type gantry crane

          • Aluminum oxide Workshop Special cranes

          • LDO5t European single girder crane (Demag OEM)

          • GQ4035 Stationary Crane with hook

          • Xinhui Newport RMG 4545 container gantry crane

          • MQ4528 portal crane

          • LDO European single girder crane (Demag OEM) 1

          Demag only strategic partner in Guangdong



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            Guangdong Yongtong machinery Limited by Share Ltd

            Casting quality, innovation, yong tong crane to help you improve the production efficiency, and improve enterprise comprehensive competitiveness!
                Guangdong yong tong hoisting machinery co., LTD. Is China heavy machinery association bridge crane branch director unit, has A class A crane industry in China manufacturing and a-level installation qualification, crane products by the national center for quality evaluation of AAA + quality credit rating, and was awarded the "high and new technology enterprise" by the science of guangdong province, guangdong province in 2014 the new cognizance provincial engineering technology research center "lifting handling mechanical engineering technology research center of guangdong province", and in 2010 in shunde "longteng plan" enterprises, in 2012 in shunde "key" ente...

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